IPL Skin Rejuvenation/Pigment Removal

IPL For Acne

IPL Acne Therapy is an effective light-based treatment that is revolutionising the treatment of acne. The IPL Acne Therapy destroys the most common bacteria that cause acne, without pain and without downtime.

IPL for Pigmentation

Pigmented lesions such as age spots or freckles can be successfully lightened or removed. All pigmentation treatments are non-invasive, suitable for both the face and body and will result in a more even skin tone. Sunlight, environmental factors and the natural passage of time all contribute to the development of dark spots, skin pigmentation and freckles.

IPL for Skin Rejuvenation

Using IPL for skin rejuvenation is a process that is known as photo-rejuvenation. Using flashes of light which targets the deepest dermal tissues without disruption to the outer epidermal layers of the skin this stimulates the production of collagen leaving skin smoother, tight and rejuvenated.