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Hush & Hush Time Capsule


Quick Guide

  • Protects against external environmental aggressors
  • Regenerates skin and body
  • Promotes youthfulness



Hush & Hush Time Capsule available in Pauline Cawley Beauty Clinic.Protect your body from the inside out with Hush & Hush Time Capsule a formula that reverses the signs of ageing and prevents future damage. A ground-breaking blend of antioxidants, amino acids and Clean Clinical Vitamins™ shields against external aggressors and regenerates from head to toe for a younger looking you.

It is an all-encompassing age reversing and delaying supplement for anyone who wants maximum protection against ageing.

Safeguarding your body from the damaging effects of the sun, pollution and environment with topical products is rule number one in the war against ageing. To prevent and reverse the effects of ageing, a vitamin-, mineral and nutrient-rich supplement is a must as it works on a cellular level to defend against future damage and help undo the effects of past damage.

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