Dr Dermic Micro-Needling

Microneedling Technology

Dr Dermic GoldPen is the newest device in microneedling technology. The GoldPen is a lighter and faster device, making it more comfortable for the therapist to use as well as providing an even better treatment for customers.

The GoldPen now opens over 1,200 microchannels per second, that’s a 30% increase on an already fantastic treatment. This means more vitamins, protiens, fibroblasts and collagen will be stimulated during the treatment.

The faster motor not only results in more microchannels but it also means that the “down cycle” of the needles is reduced. This means that the needles spend less time in the skin resulting in even less chance of bruising or micro-tears.

One treatment €150.00
One treatment with Dermalux €170.00